personal styling services

It is an honor to enter someone’s life through their wardrobe. 

My goal is to support you as we develop your personal style and curate your wardrobe that works for your lifestyle.​

Is your closet full of clothing but you struggle to figure out what to wear?

Do you feel like there is a disconnect between your personal style and what's in your wardrobe?

Together, let’s approach what you wear with a thoughtful curiosity to curate your closet.

Looking for some pieces to add to your curated closet?

Ready to discover your style and build a new wardrobe that works for you?

Let's find pieces that support your style. 

Looking for guidance in developing your clothing confidence? 

Interested in starting from the ground up to establish a wardrobe that reflects what you love and who you are?

Within a supportive framework and a plan customized to your style and your body, 

let's discover what works for you. 



Let's design a styling package that suits you perfectly. 

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jenni summer studios - hat photoshoot -




Are you in need of a tailored-to-you ensemble for a special event or night out?

Are you looking for guidance on how to pack fabulous yet flexible outfits for a vacation or business trip?

Craving a closet full of cohesive outfits that align with your style?